The writings of Frethorik and Wiliow

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Chapter I: My name is Frethorik, surnamed Oera Linda, which means Over the Linda 1. In Liudwerd I was chosen as judge. Liudwerd is a new settlement within the fortification of the burgh Liudgarda, of which the name has fallen into disrepute. In my time much has happened. I had written a good deal about it, but afterwards much more …

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The writings of Konered

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Chapter I: My forefathers have written this book in succession 1. I will do the same, the more because there exists no longer in my state a burgh on which events are inscribed as used to be the case. My name is Konered. My father’s name was Frethorik, my mother’s name was Wiliow. After my father’s death I was chosen …

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The writings of Beden

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Chapter I: My name is Beden, son of Hachgana 1. My uncle Konered, not having married, left no children. I was elected in his place. Adel, the third king of that name, approved of the choice, provided I should acknowledge him as master. In addition to the entire inheritance of my uncle, he gave me some land which adjoined my …

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Ура Линда Бук (The Oera Linda Book)


Книга Ура Линда Бук – одна из интереснейших тайн прошлого. С одной стороны она является историей древнего народа фризов, а с другой – одним из немногих источников упоминания Атлантиды – древнейшей цивилизации. Споры о подлинности Ура Линда Бук не прекращаются. Однако для нас является более важным ознакомление с ее содержанием (правда пока только в английском варианте) и получение дополнительной информации по затрагиваемым в ней темам. А …

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