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Патомский кратер – предварительные результаты последней экспедиции

What is the Patom crater, as well as versions of its origin were announced in the article “ Anomaly - Patom crater ”. At the same time there were no preliminary results of the last expedition. Now scientists have pleased us with information about the crater, although they could not unequivocally answer the main question - what is the reason for its occurrence.

In the last expedition, carried out in the summer of 2008, a mass of samples was obtained (about 100 kilograms). All of them are still processed in various scientific institutes. An unambiguous answer to the reason for the appearance of the crater, scientists still do not give, because they do not know what was hidden under it, although there is already new updated information ..

What exactly was able to install:

  1. The dendrologists participating in the expedition helped to establish that the Patom crater was not 250 years old, but almost twice as old — about 480 years. A larch of this age was found at the very bottom of the crater.
  2. The period of certain activity of Patom crater or something else in this area is reliably established - 1842. Finally managed to find one of the trees that suffered during the unknown bombing of stones. In its trunk there was a hollow, and in it a stone that made it. Also in this year, the trees dramatically increased their growth, as can be seen from the annual rings. Growth rates persisted for 40 years and then returned to their previous figures. In the same period, the concentration of strontium and uranium in the tissue of trees increased significantly by 2 and 3 times, respectively. According to scientists, similar phenomena occurred only in one known place - Chernobyl. This means that in 1842 another unidentified anomaly occurred at the Patom crater, which caused the bombardment of nearby trees with stones, heating the soil and increasing radiation due to rapidly decaying isotopes. For 40 years, the radiation background has returned to normal.
  3. It has been established that at a depth of 100 meters (previously 100-150 meters was considered) an unknown highly electroconductive object is deposited, reaching a depth of almost 600 meters or more (previously it was thought that the body was an iron-containing alloy of 5-40 meters). This object does not contain metals known to mankind. It has been suggested that there is a cavity filled with salt water.

Scientists still can not name the cause of the Patom crater. The main theory that should be followed in the study of this anomaly is the terrestrial origin of the crater as a result of any geological processes. To a lesser extent, options remain in cosmological theory, but scientists do not deny the possibility of such conclusions.

In the future, we will again have to wait for the results of new analyzes of the collected samples. Maybe we will wait for more active actions with state support, I would certainly like to wait for the drilling and find out what exactly lies at a depth of 100 meters. buildabear.com

Video about Patomsky crater:

The article is based on materials from the Internet portal CID.

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